A Union of Diversity: Language, Identity and Polity-Building in Europe

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Assesses the implications of cultural diversity for the process of constructing a European polity.


Preface; 1. Introduction: the dynamics of European integration; 2. The European Union's democratic deficit and the search for a European demos; 3. The identity of a multinational polity; 4. Language and politics: a challenge for Europe; 5. The language question in the institutional complex of the European Union; 6. Political communication in the transnational civil society; 7. Recognition, self-determination and integration in a union of diversity.


Peter A. Kraus is Chair of Ethnic Relations at the University of Helsinki and Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Humboldt University, Berlin.


'The European Union is a polity whose citizens speak many different languages, but this fact is conveniently ignored in most debates about European integration. Peter Kraus gives a comprehensive account why linguistic diversity is both a challenge and an opportunity for building a democratic Europe. His book makes a powerful argument against a laissez-faire approach and for a politics of recognition of Europe's deep diversity.' Rainer Baubock, European University Institute, Florence "In his seminal book, A Union of Diversity, Peter Kraus voices his opposition to adopting English as the lingua franca for the European Union without further political debate. Whatever approach one may have regarding this issue, one will be fascinated by the theoretical penetration of an enormous amount of material on language and identity policies in Europe.' Klaus von Beyme, Professor emeritus, Political Science Department, University of Heidelberg 'Peter Kraus has written a very well-informed and balanced book about one of the most important unresolved questions of present-day politics: how the national and linguistic pluralism should be managed and accommodated in diverse societies. The author shows how the cosmopolitan and uniform Westphalian approaches fail when they attempt to tackle this issue using liberal-democratic patterns of linguistic and national justice. The book also challenges the practical reality of the rhetorical European slogan 'United in Diversity', linking the European polity-building process with the need for an effective recognition and institutional accommodation of European national and linguistic diversity.' Ferran Requejo, Professor of Political Science, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona 'An acutely challenging objective of the European Union is to 'reconcile diversity and unity'. How well is it doing? Drawing on empirical, policy, and theoretical research, and with special attention to linguistic diversity, Peter A. Kraus presents the most comprehensive and enlightening response to this crucial question.' James Tully, Political Science Department, University of Victoria 'The theoretical and interdisciplinary analysis of European integration, furnished with sufficient empirical evidence, helps the reader, not only to get a comprehensive picture about the language politics of EU but the contemporary institutional development in the international realm as well... Kraus offers a fascinating analysis and provides a pragmatic solution to the complex policy-level problems of the EU.' Rajeesh Kumar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Dehli '... will be of interest not only to scholars interested in the politics of language, but also to students of both European integration and democratic theory ... an innovative and thought-provoking book, successfully bringing the theoretical discussion of the relationship between language and democracy into the ambit of European integration studies.' Political Studies Review
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