Imperial Maine and Hawai'i: Interpretative Essays in the History of Nineteenth Century American Expansion

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Burlin's book provides an analysis of some of the broad themes and currents of 19th century American expansion in the Pacific through a discussion of a number of Maine inhabitants, either going to Hawai'i or other areas of the archipelago. Individuals covered include Sanford Dole, Luther Secerance, John L. Stevens, and James G. Blaine.


1 Introduction 2 An Imperialism of the Spirit 3 Peter Allen Brinsmande and the Tragic Pursuit of a Pious Capitalism 4 Elias Bond and Daniel Dole: Laboring for Christ in Hawai'i 5 Luther Severance: Whig Ideologue as Diplomat 6 Elisha Hunt Allen and the Search for a "Competency" 7 James G. Blaine, John L. Stevens, and Visions of Imperial Grandeur 8 Sanford Ballard Dole and the "New State of Things" 9 Harold Marsh Sewall and Imperial Consummation 10 Conclusion: Heirs to Empire 11 Bibliography


Paul T. Burlin is professor of history and chair of the Department of History at the University of New England. He received an A.B. in Philosophy from Heidelberg College, and his Ph.D. in American History from Rutgers University. He is a former Peace Corps volunteer.


A refreshing interpretation of the connection between Maine imperialists and Hawai'i, and its larger meaning for Americans today. The Hawaiian Journal Of History, December 2008
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