My Forty Years in East China and West America: The Extra Requirements of My Life

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Philip Fei Wu was born in the outskirts of Shanghai, the "Venice of the East," where he lived the first 35 years of his life and endured the Chinese political turbulence. From his teens, all throughout early adulthood, the author experienced the worst of human cruelty and madness in China during the government transition and "cultural revolution." My Forty Years in East China and West America is Philip Wu's story in English, rewritten from the original Chinese version.


Part 1 Foreword by Dr. David Yon Kong Hsu Part 2 Preface Part 3 Acknowledgements Chapter 4 Introduction Chapter 5 Born in a Miniature Asian Venice-like town at the Time of Changing Government Chapter 6 Father Left, Mother Died, We Lived with Great Parents Chapter 7 Migrating to Shanghai City Chapter 8 Independence Began at Six Chapter 9 The Nourishment and Refreshment of the Countryside Chapter 10 My Middle School: in the "Great Leap Forward" Time, Hometown Jiashan "Entering Communism Beforehand" Chapter 11 My High School Years and the Three of "Natural Disasters" Chapter 12 Great Mother Passed Away, The Disastrous Years Chapter 13 A Letter from Hong Kong Chapter 14 The Battle to Enter College-Desperation For a Government Job Chapter 15 Taiwan "Going to Retrieve Mainland," Two Brothers "Kicked Out of School" Chapter 16 Pushed to "New Border" Chapter 17 The Orbit of Marching Route Is Never Straight, Brother Enters High School Again Chapter 18 Rejected For College Again, The Backbone of Family Dies Chapter 19 China before the Cultural Revolution, The Calm before the Storm Chapter 20 The Cultural Revolution Begins, I Was Mobilized to New Border Areas Again Chapter 21 The Cultural Revolution Nears Its Climax Chapter 22 Shanghai Is Burning Chapter 23 Battle between "Rebel" and "Escaped Landlord" Chapter 24 Notre Dame vs. Red Guard Chapter 25 "The Education System Needs a Revolution" The Hope Returning to Schools Was Gone Chapter 26 The Brothers Leave the City, Get Up With the Sunrise, Go to Bed with the Sunset Chapter 27 Life in the Countryside Chapter 28 I Was Criticized Openly, But When I Spoke They Retreated Chapter 29 The Upper. Looking for a Beautiful Girl in a Sea of Red Chapter 30 The Sex Offender, The Promising Political Star Chapter 31 From Commander-In-Chief Fission Into Insurgent and Traitor Chapter 32 Close to Death Two Twice Chapter 33 The Literature Nourishes Me Chapter 34 Blind People on a Blind Horse Chapter 35 God Sees the Truth, But Waits Chapter 36 God Saved the King, the King Should Have Saved the People Chapter 37 Is It a Bad or Good Omen, If a Meteorite Falls? Chapter 38 Prepare For the Future-Work Hard And Sharpen the Mind Chapter 39 The Waltz of the Visa Application Chapter 40 On the Table, Under the Table Chapter 41 Even the "Trajectory" to Say Farewell in China can Never Be a Straight Line Chapter 42 Shanghainese vs. Cantonese, East Chinese vs. South Chinese Chapter 43 The Hidden Words Chapter 44 The Character of the Controlled and Oppressed Chapter 45 Burning Hair in a Blast Furnace Chapter 46 Time Should Not Be Spent Waiting Chapter 47 Brother Crosses the Border to Hong Kong Chapter 48 The Corner Turned Chapter 49 The Reunion Between Son and Father After Thirty Years Chapter 50 If You Dream, Dream Big Chapter 51 To Catch the Last Train to My University Chapter 52 The Green Jadeite Ring Chapter 53 The Celebration with Worries Chapter 54 A Lesson before My Journey to America Chapter 55 New Year's Day Uncelebrated Chapter 56 First Time in Wonderland World Chapter 57 The Life of A Working Student Chapter 58 The Days without Health Insurance Chapter 59 The First Glorious Day of My Life. Two and One Half Years for My Bachelor's Degree Chapter 60 U. S. Immigration Law Chapter 61 A One-Man Crusade Chapter 62 My D-Day Chapter 63 A Long March by Myself Chapter 64 My Graduation Thesis and Dr. Yuang Li Wu's Prediction Chapter 65 Job-Hunting of an E.T. Chapter 66 A Day full of Sunshine Chapter 67 An Angel's Departure Chapter 68 A Newborn Calf Fears No Tiger Chapter 69 Being a Boss Without Realizing the Danger, How I Used Dr. Lehman's Teaching in Practice Chapter 70 God Helps Those who Help Themselves Chapter 71 The Reward for Honesty-My Wife and Daughter's Lives in Shanghai Chapter 72 For a Knife, It Is the Sharpness That Counts, Not the Size Chapter 73 Hardship Is the Best Way to Shape Personality Chapter 74 Two Accidents Chapter 75 My Business Principles Chapter 76 An Intrusion Not by Criminals, But by Police Chapter 77 Change of Immigration Status Chapter 78 The Death of My Father-A Journey Away From Home, Never to Return Chapter 79 My Sister from Taiwan Chapter 80 March Toward a Green Card Following in the Footsteps of Smart People Chapter 81 A Man Should Know When to Save and When to Spend Chapter 82 The Story of My Two Classmates in China Chapter 83 The Changing Fate of Christmas Cards Chapter 84 The Benefit of a Green Card and a Special Grant for Two Pounds of Powdered Milk Chapter 85 An Unexpected Obstacle to My Family Reunion-The Event of June 4th, 1989 Chapter 86 Never Wait Until the Flood Is Rising Chapter 87 The Gift of the Magi Chapter 88 I Have Been Trying My Best Chapter 89 You Are the Only One Responsible for Your Business Chapter 90 The Golden Autumn of San Francisco Chapter 91 My Wife and Daughter Finally Immigrate to U.S. Chapter 92 One Day + Nine Years = Ten Years


Philip Fei Wu came to the U.S. as a foreign student in 1981 and received his bachelor's degree in 1983. He then received his Master's Degree in International Economics from the University of San Francisco. Other works by the author include: Business Environments in Mainland China, My Unusual College Education (full-text Chinese, 2004), and Dangerous Honeymoon (full-text Chinese, 2005).


I believe all parents would want their children to read this book. -- Z. L. Feng, Starite Book Co.
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