Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative

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September 2008



Powerful product, country, and functional silos are jeopardizing companies' marketing efforts. Because of silos, firms misallocate resources, send inconsistent messages to the marketplace, and fail to leverage scale economies and successes--all of which can threaten a company's survival. As David Aaker shows in Spanning Silos, the unfettered decentralization that produces silos is no longer feasible in today's marketplace. It's up to chief marketing officers to break down silo walls to foster cooperation and synergy. This isn't easy: silo teams guard their autonomy vigorously. As proof of their power, consider the fact that the average CMO tenure is just twenty-three months. How to proceed?
Drawing on interviews with CMOs, Aaker explains how to: Strength your credibility with silo teams and your CEO Use cross-functional teams and other strategic linking devices Foster communication across silos Select the right CMO role-- from facilitator to strategic captain Develop common planning processes Adapt your brand strategy to silo units Allocate marketing dollars strategically across silos Develop silo-spanning marketing programs In this age of dynamic markets, new media, and globalization, getting the different parts of your organization to collaborate is more critical--and more difficult--than ever. This book gives you the road map you need to accomplish that feat.


Introduction: The New Cmo-Why?
Chapter 1: Find The Right Role And Scope: The CMO's New Job Description
Chapter 2: Gain Credibility And Buy-In
Chapter 3: Use Teams and Other Routes To Silo Linking
Chapter 4: Develop Common Planning Processes, Information Systems, and Market Analysis
Chapter 5: Adapt The Master Brand To Silo Markets
Chapter 6: Prioritize Brands In The Portfolio
Chapter 7: Conduct A Silo Audit
Conclusion - The CMO's First 90 Days


David A. Aaker is Vice-Chairman of Prophet, a marketing consultancy, and has published more that one hundred articles and thirteen books, including Brand Portfolio Strategy, and Brand Leadership.
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