The Little Book of Big Stuff About the Brain

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April 2008



This illustrated book gives the reader a working knowledge of the human brain from its first evolution over 2 billion years ago to the present day. This light-hearted look at the brain is aimed at the general public from school age to adult. It specifically focuses on the neurobiology of emotional intelligence and in many ways it is this neurobiological explanation that shows why emotional intelligence is so important to health, wealth and happiness. From birth to death our brains are learning. In this book the author explains the actual events that occur in the learning brain. Understanding the nuts and bolts of learning can not only help you learn yourself but also aid others to learn from you.


Dr Andrew Curran is a practising paediatric neurologist in Liverpool who is also committed to using his extraordinary knowledge of the workings of the human brain to make a difference in the educational experience of all young people. He's involved with Manchester University's Department of Education in developing research ideas looking at the use of emotional literacy in our classrooms.
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Untertitel: The True Story of Your Amazing Brain. 'The Independent Thinking Series'. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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