Pornification: Sex and Sexuality in Media Culture

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This international overview of how pornography--from softcore to hardcore, gay to straight, female to male, black to white--infiltrates and proliferates through various media. Porn is everywhere; from the suggestiveness of music videos to the explicit discussions of popular magazines; from the erotica of advertising to the refashioning of sex acts into art works; from a small garage industry to an internet empire. The media immerses us in the pornographic aesthetic. Now integral to popular culture, porn is part of our everyday lives. Sexual desire is commodified, pornified and the media leads the way. Exploring music videos, alt porn sites, Cosmogirls and Gaydar online forums, H&M's street advertising, retro pin-ups, film and educational sex videos alike, Pornification analyses the transformation of porn in today's media and its impact on our culture.


Introduction: Pornification and the Education of Desire, Susanna Paasonen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland, Kaarina Nikunen, University of Tampere, Finland and Laura Saarenmaa, University of Tampere, Finland Part 1: PORN HISTORIES 1. The Golden Age of Porn: Nostalgia and History in Cinema, Susanna Paasonen and Laura Saarenmaa 2. Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout Black Chicks: Interracial Desire and Black Women in 1980s Video Pornography, Mireille Miller-Young, University of California 3. Pinups, Retro-Chic, and the Consumption of Irony, Nathan Scott Epley, University of Northern Iowa Part 2: PORN CULTURES 4. Gay Men and the Pornification of Everyday Life, Sharif Mowlabocus, University of Sussex 5. Cosmo Girls Talk: Blurring Boundaries of Porn and Sex, Kaarina Nikunen 6. Making Porn into Art, Kerstin Mey, University of Ulster 7. How Unprofessional: The Profitable Partnership of Amateur Porn and Celebrity Culture, Kevin Esch, Tulane University and Vicki Mayer, Tulane University Part 3: PORN MEDIA 8. Sexed Authorship and Pornographic Address in Music Video, Diane Railton, University of Teesside and Paul Watson, University of Teesside 9. Outdoor Pornification: Advertising Heterosexuality in the Street, Leena-Maija Rossi, University of Helsinki, Finland 10. Insatiable Sluts and Almost Gay Guys: Bisexuality in Porn Magazines, Jenny Kangasvuo, University of Oulu, Finland 11. Bend Over Boyfriend: Anal Sex Instructional Videos for Women, Michelle Carne, American University EPILOGUE 12. Porn Futures, Susanna Paasonen


Susanna Paasonen is research fellow at the Collegium for Advanced Studies at University of Helsinki. She is the author of Figures of Fantasy: Internet, Women and Cyberdiscourse and co-editor of Women and Everyday Uses of the Internet: Agency & Identity. Kaarina Nikunen is postdoctoral researcher at the department of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies and Laura Saarenmaa is researcher in Media Culture, both at the University of Tampere.
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