The Origin of the World: Science and Fiction of the Vagina

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Juli 2008



Subtitled, "Science & Fiction Of The Vagina". Explores the female sex in cultural, historical, anatomical, medical, psychological and anthropological terms. Contains rigorous research with a humorous approach.


Jelto Drenth is a sexologist at the Rutgers Foundation in Groningen, The Netherlands


I admit I opened this book with trepidation: a book on the vagina by a man? However, I found it an engrossing read: amusing, frightening, and informative in turns. Drenth has provided an excellent basic resource for thinking about women's genitalia as more than flesh and function and as more than representation. British Medical Journal Straddling the genres of popular science, literary criticism, how-to, and cultural studies, this 289-page tome is packed with fascinating facts and provocative analysis, all delivered in a quirky, thoughtful voice. Bitch (Feminist Response to Pop Culture) This is an important, well-written book, which deserves to become a classic. De Volksrant The Origin of the World makes infectious reading NRC Handelsblad The book reads like a novel one can't put down. It is extremely well written, lucid and stimulating. Psychologie Magazine
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