Seeking Provence

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Canadian born author and rolling stone discovers the earthy yet exhilarating Mediterranean roots of his Provencal


Nicholas Woodsworth was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1953 and grew up in a diplomatic family in Africa and Asia. He graduated in Asian history. He began newspaper freelancing after settling in Aix-en-Provence in his mid-20s. He became the Financial Times Africa Correspondent in the late 1980s, and was the Weekend FT's staff travel writer from 1989 to 2003. His interest in the Mediterranean, since expanded to include the entire region, began with his marriage to his Provencal wife.


'... When I knock off that one, a squat travelbook beckons, "Seeking Provence: Old Myths, New Paths," part of a British series from Haus Publishing called Armchair Traveller, distributed in the United States by Consortium. Like Tuscany, Provence has been trampled over by too many writers in recent years. But Nicholas Woodsworth, a former Africa correspondent for the Financial Times and a Provencal by marriage, looks as though he could break the curse of Mayle. I'm giving him a chance. Labor Day in Provence in New York. That is an unbeatable combination.' -- William Grimes New York Times 20080829 'I enjoyed his quest more than I have enjoyed any other book on Provence since I re-read James Pope-Hennessy's Aspects of Provence. Believe me, that's saying something.' -- Anthony Peregrine Sunday Telegraph 20080829 'As one of European history's cultural crossroads, the French region of Provence has long served to inspire artists, poets, troubadours and the rich set looking for fine wine and summer romance. Having long lived in the region, the author sets out on a journey to discover the true heritage of this land. It's a stimulating read for Francophiles old and new!' Symmetry Magazine 2009
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