Cold Regions Pavement Engineering

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November 2008



Build Roads That Stand Up to Any Weather Condition
The first book dedicated solely to this important topic, Cold Regions Pavement Engineering helps ensure that road quality is not compromised by cold temperatures and other environmental factors. Using the latest research from the United States, Canada, and Europe, the authors supply all the information needed to make wise decisions in situations where freezing temperatures, unstable soil, precipitation, ice, and small populations are complicating factors, along with limited funding-a common problem when designing roads in cold regions. Posing specific design and maintenance problems encountered in the field, the authors present the techniques and materials to solve them. Cold Regions Pavement Engineering is a long-needed resource. Inside:
  • Design methodologies and maintenance techniques
  • Key information on material selection
  • Calculations for proper structural design
  • Strategies for constructing new roads
  • Advice in rehabilitating old or damaged surfaces
  • Case studies of problems and their solutions
      Cold Regions Pavement Engineering includes:
      . Pavement Materials and Performance . Investigation and Testing o Calculation of Engineering Parameters . Design Considerations . Mix and Pavement Design . Maintenance and Rehabilitation . Pavements on Permafrost


Gore Dore, Ph.D., PE is Professor in Civil Engineering at Laval University in Quebec, Canada. His is an accomplished expert on pavement design having conducted research in Canada and the United States. Dr. Dore has authored numerous Journal Articles, book chapters, and papers on the subject
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