Q & A: Equity and Trusts 2008 and 2009

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No matter how good your research and study skills, the ultimate test for the law student is the exam. Exam questions in equity and trusts can seem particularly daunting. This book explains how to successfully tackle the sort of problems and essay questions typically found in exam papers. The authors clearly guide students through the process of planning and structuring answers, providing advice on what to include, and on what to leave out. The book contains 50 questions and model answers divided into chapters covering all major topics. Each chapter begins with an introduction focusing on important points and ends with suggestions for further reading. Each question is supported by clear commentary indicating exactly what examiners are looking for, followed by an answer plan listing the key points to cover. Online Resource Centre An Online Resource Centre accompanies the book, providing a glossary to develop students' knowledge of subject-specific terms.


1. Introduction; 2. The nature of equity and the law of trusts; 3. The three certainties and formalities; 4. Constitution of trusts; 5. Trusts, powers and discretionary and protective trusts; 6. Charitable trusts; 7. Trusts of imperfect obligation; 8. Implied and resulting trusts; 9. Constructive trusts; 10. Estoppel; 11. Administration of trusts; 12. Pension-fund trusts; 13. Breach of trusts; 14. Equitable doctrines; 15. Equitable remedies; 16. Pick 'n' mix questions
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