States Without Citizens: Understanding the Islamic Crisis

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Juli 2008



The Islamic crisis will not abate until culturally authentic institutions are created within Islamic societies to instill an Islamic ethic of citizenship.


John W. Jandora is Supervisory Analyst with U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He is Adjunct Professor of International Relations at Webster University, Fort Bragg-Pope Air Force Base, and a frequent lecturer at U.S military schools, including the Command and General Staff College.


""States Without CitizenS" is an excellent, scholarly study of the difference between the West and the Islamic world over concepts Westerners usually assume have universal meaning, such as freedom and citizenship. Yet in addition to explaining how the societies arrived at their differing positions, Dr. Jandora makes specific recommendations for establishing civic ethics and the concept of public service in Islamic societies that are based on Islamic cultural experiences. For anyone in the diplomatic, military, business, or educational field dealing with any portion of the Islamic world, this small book will be truly invaluable." - American Diplomacy
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