Strategic Management: Thought and Action

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August 2008



Develop Your Strategic Thinking
We are all strategists. From a very early age, we've learned to formulate and execute strategies. The more understand about how to focus and apply this inherent strategic thinking, the more successful you'll be when you enter the workforce.
This concise text helps you develop your strategic thinking, and shows you why an organization interacts the way it does with customers, competitors, and other actors. The authors provide a wide range of organizational examples along with worksheets at the end of each chapter.
This essential guide to strategy features:
* Chapter Case Vignettes - each chapter includes several short case vignettes that inspire class discussion and facilitate critical thinking.
* Chapter Worksheets - Each chapter includes two worksheets that facilitate critical thinking.
* Chapter Worksheets - Each chapter includes two worksheets that facilitate analysis from cases, the Web, and first-hand experience.
* Web Exercises - Building upon key concepts indentified in each chapter, Web Exercises give you the opportunity to explore and apply what you have learned.


1. Introduction.
2. Defining Strategy.
3. Developing Resources.
4. Serving Customers.
5. Seeking Opportunity.
6. Competing with Rivals.
7. Specifying a Business Model.
8. Considering Corporate Strategy.
9. Thinking Global.
10. Accepting Responsibility.
11. Ensuring Execution.
12. Managing Knowledge.
13. Providing Leadership.


Anne Sigismund Huff is the Founding Director of the Advanced Institute of Management Research (AIM), a UK wide management research initiative with offices based at the London Business School.She is a visiting professor at the TUM Business School with a joint appointment at the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning in the Social Sciences at the University of Colorado. She has also been on the faculty of Cranfield School of Management and a visiting Professor at London Business School. She received an MA in Sociology and a PhD in Management from Northwestern University, and has been on the faculty at UCLA and the University of Illinois.
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