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As Britain's most popular sporting marque, MG has emerged as one of a handful of British motoring names to survive into the 21st century. This book provides an analysis of the rise and fall of a motoring legend.


The author of some thirty-five books on the motoring of yesteryear, Jonathan Wood has made a particular study of the histories of Britain's multifarious car makers. He has received the Guild of Motoring Writers' Montagu Trophy and the Society of Automotive Historians' Cugnot Award.


"The ... 56 page booklet is loaded with wonderful illustrations--80 in all--and they are reproduced in wonderful detail and in stunning quality color printing. The pictures include the iconic pre World War II illustrations by Frederick Gordon Crosby and Harold Connelly, who between them did ...many of the wonderful print ads for Cecil Kimber's MG company, and the many post war ads that appeared in UK and US magazines ... For anyone who wants a clear, concise digest of the history of MG, buying "MG "by Jonathan Wood is an excellent investment." --"Log Book "(Autumn 2008)
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