Bulk Solids Handling: Equipment Selection and Operation

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Handling of powders and bulk solids is a critical industrial technology across a broad spectrum of industries, from minerals processing to bulk and fine chemicals, and the food and pharmaceutical industries. Bulk Solids Handling: Equipment Selection and Operation provides an overview of the major technologies involved in the storage and handling of particulate materials from large grains to fine cohesive materials. Topics covered include characterisation of individual particles and bulk particulate materials, silo design for strength and flow, pneumatic conveying systems, mechanical conveying, and small scale operations. Guidance is given on appropriate equipment choices depending on the type of material to be handled, and applications and limitations of current bulk solids handling equipment are discussed. The reader will then be in a better position to diagnose solids handling and processing problems in industry, and to deal with experts and equipment suppliers from an informed standpoint. With contributions from leading academic and industry experts, the book is essential for anyone who has responsibility for handling, storage, processing or production involving particulate materials. It is designed to be equally applicable to engineers, scientists and technologists, working in for example agriculture, construction, food, bulk and fine chemicals industries, minerals and metals, pharmaceuticals, power generation and waste handling.


1 Bulk Powder Properties: Instrumentation and Techniques.
Dr Nayland Stanley-Wood.
2 Hopper/Bin Design.
Dr John W Carson.
3 Silo And Hopper Design For Strength.
4 Pneumatic Conveying.
Dr David Mills and Professor Mark Jones.
5 Screw Conveyors.
Mr Lyn Bates.
6 Trough Coveying.
Dr Don McGlinchey.
7 Small Scale Bulk Handling Operations.
Mr Andrew Cowell


Dr Don McGlinchey is a Reader at the Centre for Industrial Bulk Solids Handling at Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, UK.
Mr Lyn Bates
Dr John W. Carson
Mr Andrew Cowell
Professor Mark Jones
Dr Don McGlinchey
Dr David Mills
Professor J. Michael Rotter
Dr Nayland Stanley-Wood
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