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Wave Rider is about leveraging the power of self-organization for high performance in all sizes and types of organizations. Harrison Owen the originator of the internationally popular Open Space Technology organizational change method, shows that self-organization is the most powerful force in organizations but a force that is often muffled by well meaning yet constricting management and leadership practices. Using his unique and interesting folksy writing style he reveals that self-organization is the magic behind the immense success of Open Space Technology, and he applies the principles of Open Space Technology to day-to-day management and leadership (not just to meetings and change programs, which is where open space technology has previously been most used).


Chapter I Wave Riders:IntroductionPart I Preparation for Wave RidingChapter II The Holy Grail:Superior Performance
Chapter III High Performance Systems Defined
Chapter IV Getting from Here to There
Chapter V The Anomalies
Chapter VI The Open Space Experiment
Chapter VII Self Organization: The Key to High Performance Systems?
Chapter VIII How Do We Deal with the Pain?
Chapter IX A Spanner in the WorksPart II The Wave Rider's Guide to the FutureChapter X The Care and Feeding of Self Organizing Systems:
Chapter XI Step #1 Do your Homework before you Start
Chapter XII Step #2 Extend an Invitation
Chapter XIII Step #3 Come to The Circle
Chapter XIV Step #4 Welcome Passion and Responsibility
Chapter XV Step #5 Remember the Four Principles
Chapter XVI Step #6 Observe the Law of Two Feet
Chapter XVII Step #7 Keep Grief Working
Chapter XVIIIStep #8 Formalize the System
Chapter XV Invitation to the Dance
Chapter XVI A Day in the Life of
Chapter XVIII Dee Hock: Wave Rider


Harrison Owen is President of H.H.Owen and Co. His academic background and training centered on the nature and function of myth, ritual and culture. In the middle '60s, he left academe to work with a variety of organizations including small West African villages, urban (American and African) community organizations, Peace Corps, Regional Medical Programs, National Institutes of Health, and Veterans Administration. Along the way he discovered that his study of myth, ritual and culture had direct application to these social systems. In 1977 he created H.H.Owen and Company in order to explore the culture of organizations in transformation as a theorist and practicing consultant. Harrison convened the First International Symposium on Organization Transformation, and is the originator of Open Space Technology.
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