Cell Fusion

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Exciting work in the past decade has revealed commonalities and differences among individual cell fusion events. In Cell Fusion: Overviews and Methods, a team of leading experts provide a collection of overviews that outline our current understanding of cell fusion and methods that present classic and state-of-the-art experimental approaches in a variety of systems. Divided into two convenient parts, the volume begins with nine overviews which describe different cell fusion events in models from yeast to mammals, and it continues with thirteen chapters illustrating commonly used methods to assay cell fusion in particular systems. As a part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series, these methods chapters compile step-by-step, readily reproducible protocols with lists of the necessary materials and reagents, along with tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Cutting-edge and user-friendly, Cell Fusion: Overviews and Methods serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone, expert or novice, interested in the fascinating biological process of cell fusion.


Part I. Cell Fusion Yeast Mating, a Model System for Studying Cell and Nuclear Fusion
Casey A. Ydenberg and Mark D. Rose
Cell fusion in the filamentous fungus, Neurospora crassa
André Fleißner, Anna R. Simonin and N. Louise Glass
Gametic Cell Adhesion and Fusion in the Unicellular Alga, Chlamydomonas
Nedra F. Wilson
Cell Fusion in C. elegans
Scott Alper and Benjamin Podbilewicz
Myoblast Fusion in Drosophila
Susan M. Abmayr, Shufei Zhuang, and Erika R. Geisbrecht
Mammalian Fertilization is Dependent on Multiple Membrane Fusion Events Paul M. Wassarman and Eveline S. Litscher
Molecular control of mammalian myoblast fusion
Katie M. Jansen and Grace K. Pavlath
Placenta Trophoblast Fusion Berthold Huppertz and Marcus Borges
Macrophage Fusion: Molecular Mechanisms Agnès Vignery
Part II: Cell Fusion Assays Cell fusion assays for yeast mating pairs Eric Grote Ultrastructural Analysis of Cell Fusion in Yeast Alison E. Gammie
Isolation and in vitro Binding of mt(+) Fertilization Tubules from Chlamydomonas Nedra F. Wilson Optical Imaging of Cell Fusion and Fusion Proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans Star Ems and William A. Mohler Ultrastructural Imaging of Cell fusion in Caenorhabditis elegans Star Ems and William A. Mohler Live Imaging of Drosophila Myoblast Fusion Brian E. Richardson, Karen Beckett and Mary K. Baylies Ultrastructural Analysis of Myoblast Fusion inDrosophila Shiliang Zhang and Elizabeth H. Chen A genomic approach to myoblast fusion in Drosophila Beatriz Estrada and Alan M. Michelson Mesenchymal Cell Fusion in the Sea Urchin Embryo Paul G. Hodor and Charles A. Ettensohn Sperm-egg fusion assay in mammals Naokazu Inoue and Masaru Okabe Quantitative Assays of Cell Fusion in Cell Populations Jessica H. Shinn-Thomas, Victoria L. Scranton and William A. Mohler Fusion Assays and Models for the Trophoblast Sascha Drewlo, Dora Baczyk, Caroline Dunk and John Kingdom Methods to fuse macrophages in vitro Agnès Vignery


From the reviews:
"The book was planned to serve as 'a comprehensive resource for anyone who is interested in this fascinating biological problem'. ... a useful resource for the beginners and for those colleagues that are already involved with cell fusion topics. ... the book is a very useful source on information, with a user-friendly format, for all scientists. ... The technologies employed are so well described that for sure it will be possible even to beginning students to enter the field ... ." (CarloAlberto Redi, European Journal of Histochemistry, Vol. 52 (4), December, 2008)
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