Polymer Clay and Mixed Media

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Januar 2009



Mixed media brings lots of new possibilities to polymer clay crafting. " " "Polymer Clay and Mixed Media--Together at Last" is about making polymer clay figures--jewelry pieces, focal beads, decor items, knick-knacks--and incorporating beads, fibers, fabrics, glass, stones, etc. to create special effects. Embellishing polymer clay with mixed media adds a sophistication and richness without making the projects complicated or inaccessible to the average crafter.


Christi Friesen works in mixed media and combines polymer clay, glass, acrylic, found objects, gems, and semi-precious stones, glass beads, pearls, precious metals, and pigments to make her sculptural pieces and art jewelry. She is an award-winning artist and her work has been featured in magazine articles, books, galleries, exhibits, and juried shows as well as on her web sites: www.CFOriginals.com and www.CFJewelryArt.com.
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Untertitel: Together at Last. 300 colour photographs. Sprache: Englisch.
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