Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling: Models, Algorithms, Extensions and Applications

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April 2008



Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling presents a large variety of models and algorithms dedicated to the resource-constrained project scheduling problem (RCPSP), which aims at scheduling at minimal duration a set of activities subject to precedence constraints and limited resource availabilities.


Part 1: The resource-constrained project scheduling problem. Chapter 1. The resource-constrained project scheduling problem (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey and Emmanuel Neron). Chapter 2. Standard scheduling subproblems (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey and Emmanuel Neron). Chapter 3. Integer linear programming formulations and relaxations (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey and Emmanuel Neron). Chapter 4. Constraint programming formulations and filtering algorithms (Philippe Laborie and Wim Nuijten). Chapter 5. Lower bounds (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey and Emmanuel Neron). Chapter 6. Exact methods (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey and Emmanuel Neron). Chapter 7. Heuristics (Christian Artigues and David Rivreau). Chapter 8. Computational experiments (Christian Artigues, Sophie Demassey, Philippe Laborie, Emmanuel Neron and David Rivreau). Part 2: Variants and extensions. Chapter 9. Preemptive activities (Jean Damay). Chapter 10. Multi-mode activities and multiskill resources (Odile Bellenguez and Emmauel Neron). Chapter 11. Project scheduling with production and consumption of resources (Jacques Carlier, Aziz Moukrim and Huang Xu). Chapter 12. Maximal time lags (Christian Artigues and Cyril Briand). Chapter 13. Reactive project scheduling (Narendra Jussien and Christelle Gueret). Chapter 14. Proactive-reactive project scheduling (Erik Demeulemeester, Willy Herroelen and Roel Leus). Chapter 15. Cost-based RCPSP (Laure-Emmanuelle-Drezet). Part 3: Industrial applications. Chapter 16. Assembly shop scheduling (Michel Gourgand, Nathalie Grangeon and Sylvie Norre). Chapter 17. Employee scheduling in an IT company (Laure-Emmanuelle Drezet and Jean-Charles Billaut). Chapter 18. Rolling ingots production scheduling (Christoph Schwindt and Norbert Trautmann). Chapter 19. VLIW instruction scheduling (Christian Artigues, Sadia Azem and Benoit Dupont de Dinechin).


Christian Artigues is a researcher at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS) of the French National Institute for Scientific Research (CNRS). Sophie Demassey is an Assistant Professor at the School of Mining Engineering (EMN), Nantes, France. Emmanuel Neron is Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department of Polytech'Tours, France, and is a member of the Computer Science Laboratory of the University of Tours, France.
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