Why Marines Fight

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In their own brutally candid, often moving words, Marines tell why they are Marines, what inspires them to fight so fiercely, and why some grow to love battle.


The late James Brady commanded a Marine Corps rifle platoon during the Korean War and was awarded the Bronze Star for valor. He captured these experiences in his books "The Scariest Place in the World," "The Marine," his New York Times bestselling novels "Warning of War" and "The Marines of Autumn," and in his highly praised memoir, "The Coldest War." For more than two decades, he wrote the "In Step With" column for "Parade" magazine.


"These inspirational tales cover as many Marine experiences as Brady can pack in."--Kirkus Reviews
"For anyone who wants to know how the U.S. Marine team works in war and peace, this book is indispensable."--Booklist (Starred review)
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