Handbook of Sleep Disorders

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Now in its second edition, "Handbook of Sleep Disorders" is the classic all-inclusive reference for sleep professionals around the world. Contributed by leading authorities, this new edition continues to provide a well-organized guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the six major categories of sleep disorders-insomnia, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, narcolepsy, and parasomnias.
The new edition of "Handbook of Sleep Disorders" is a great reference for every sleep professional, as well as any physician treating patients with sleep disorders.
Supported by tables and figures throughout each disorder is covered in depth to help sleep professionals:


1. Perspectives. 2. Description of Insomnia. 3. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of Insomnia. 4. Types of Insomnia. 5. Diagnostic Tools for Insomnia. 6. Diagnostic Algorithm for Insomnia. 7. Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia. 8. Pharmacologic Treatment of Insomnia. 9. Adjunctive and Alternative Treatment of Insomnia 10. Special Considerations. 11. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders. 12. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of CSRD. 13. Types of CRSD. 14. Diagnostic Tools for CSRD. 15. Diagnostic Algorithm for CSRD. 16. Treatment of CSRD. 17. Special Considerations. 18. Description of Hypersomnias. 19. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of Hypersomnias. 20. Types of Hypersomnias. 21. Diagnostic Tools for Hypersomnias. 22. Diagnostic Algorithm for Hypersomnias. 23. Treatment of Hypersomnias. 24. Special Considerations. 25. Description of SRBD. 26. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of SRBD. 27. Types of SRBD. 28. Diagnostic Tools for SRBD. 29. Diagnostic Algorithm for SRBD (include Snoring and UARS). 30. Positive Airway Pressure Treatment of SRBD. 31. Noninvasive Ventilation Treatment of SRBD. 32. Surgical Treatment of SRBD 33. Oral Appliance Treatment of SRBD. 34. Adjunctive and Alternative Treatment of SRBD. 35. Special Considerations. 36. Description of Parasomnias. 37. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of Parasomnias. 38. Types of Parasomnias. 39. Diagnostic Tools for Parasomnias. 40. Diagnostic Algorithm for Parasomnias. 41. Treatment of Parasomnias 42. Special Considerations. 43. Description of SRMD. 44. Pathophysiology, Associations, and Consequences of SRMD. 45. Types of SRMD. 46. Diagnostic Tools for SRMD. 47. Diagnostic Algorithm for SRMD. 48. Treatment of SRMD. 49. Special Considerations. 50. Key Issues in the Management of Sleep Problems Associated with Other Disorders. 51. Medical Disorders. 52. Psychiatric Disorders.
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