Your Breathing Body, Volume 1: Beginning Practices for Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Fulfillment

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Oktober 2008



Your breath is the gateway to a universe of unlimited proportions that lies within. This is the premise of Your Breathing Body, Reggie Ray's landmark two-volume breathwork curriculum. Appropriate for everyone from beginning meditators to advanced practitioners, Volume 1 includes 10 CDs of sequential instruction in basic practices drawn from Tibetan yoga, qigong, Zen, Theravada Buddhism, and indigenous traditions. Listeners join Reggie Ray as he combines his renowned scholarship with nearly four decades of practicing and teaching meditation to explore Earth breathing, threefold breathing, cellular breathing, "ten-points practice," and much more. "Your breath is far more than just air moving in and out of the body," explains Reggie Ray. "It is the pathway to everything you need for full realization."

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