Collective Intelligence in Action

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Collective Intelligence in Action is a hands-on guide for Java developers implementing
Collective Intelligence in real, high-use web applications.
Collective Intelligence in Action is a hands-on guidebook for Java developers
implementing collective intelligence concepts. This book teaches vital data gathering
and mining techniques like analyzing trends, discovering relationships,
and making predictions using Java-based examples. Readers learn to collect,
analyze, and benefit from the massive quantities of user information generated
by Web 2.0 applications.
Following a running example, readers harvest and use information from blogs,
tags, and other sources. They then learn to develop software that can embed in
their own applications. The code examples are immediately reusable and give the
Java developer a working collective intelligence toolkit.
Because a smart developer knows there's no reason to reinvent the wheel, the
book uses public APIs and open-source toolkits including search using Lucene,
web-crawling using Nutch, machine learning using WEKA, and the Java Data
Mining (JDM) standard. Readers also learn from case studies that include
Amazon, Google News, and Netflix
. Implement Collective Intelligence in real, high-use Java applications.
. Add high-value features to your websites, like recommendations and user
. Build a Collective Intelligence toolkit.
. Get immediately reusable code.
. Learn to use with standard tools and APIs like Lucene, Nutch, WEKA,
and JDM.


Satnam Alag, PhD, is currently the Vice President of Engineering at NextBio, a vertical search engine and a Web 2.0 collaboration application for the life sciences community. He is a seasoned software professional with over fifteen years of experience in machine learning and over a decade of experience in commercial software development and management. Dr. Alag worked as a consultant with Johnson & Johnsons's BabyCenter where he helped develop their personalization engine. Prior to that, he was the Chief Software Architect at Rearden Commerce and began his career at GE R&D. He is a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect (SCEA) for the Java Platform. Dr. Alag earned his PhD in engineering from UC Berkeley and his dissertation was in the area of probabilistic reasoning and machine learning. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles.
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