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Black and white is the heritage of photography, and this latest reference in the popular series offers a comprehensive look at the style for the amateur who wants to know more--especially those who have no experience in the form. Each section deals with a different aspect of the topic, from what black and white photography is to the lighting and exposure requirements needed to capture a good monochrome image. Learn about grey scale, how colors become tones, high and low-key lighting, light direction, infrared, film choice, the digital darkroom, noise, printing, presentation, and how to reintroduce color selectively. Lively accessible text, superb images, and a clear, easy-to-navigate design make this handy small-format guide perfect for use in the field.


Frequently asked questions. Introduction. What is black and white?: The greyscale image; How black and white is produced; How colours become tones; Understanding contrast - curves; Understanding contrast - histograms. Lighting and exposure: Quality of light for black and white; Direction of light for black and white; High- and low-key lighting; Metering for black and white; Correct versus artistic exposure; Natural and available light; Photographic light; Infrared. Capturing black and white: Composition; Choice of film; Film speed and ISO sensitivity; Developers; Film grain; Digital - in-camera or on the computer?; Digital noise; Tones and zones; Subject brightness range (SBR); Scanning film for digital black and white. Filtration for black and white: The colour wheel and filtration; Filters for film; Filters for digital and film. Developing the image (Digital): Black and white from digital colour; The power of camera raw files; Exposure control; Creating a film 'look'. Developing the image (darkroom): Paper types - fibre and resin coated; Paper types - warmtone and cooltone; Contrast and photographic papers; Techniques for variable-contrast papers; Local exposure control - dodge and burn; Chemical bleaching; 'Liquid light'; Alternative techniques and materials. Printing: Colour and black-only printing; The question of permanence; Paper finishes; Printers other than the inkjet. Presentation: Chemical toning: Toning for longevity; Toning for beauty; Digital toning; Print spotting an retouching; Reintroducing colour; Framing; Web. Subject index. Acknowledgements and credits.


David Prakel runs his own photographic training workshops in Northumberland and is a part-time lecturer on the Photography degree course at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts. David is the author of the first two Basics Photography titles: Basics Photography: Composition and Basics Photography: Lighting.
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