Asthma, Health and Society

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Asthma, Health, and Society

A Public Health Perspective

Edited by Andrew Harver, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte

Harry Kotses, Ohio University, Athens

Asthma, Health, and Society is a comprehensive, current resource on this complex disease-its scope, human costs, and management-from a combined social ecology/public health perspective. This important and unique book proposes a concerted, multifaceted response and sets out the foundation for shaping this response, comprising individual and large-scale assessment, education, advocacy, and multiple forms of intervention. In clear, authoritative detail enhanced by figures, graphs, and references, contributors explain where universal standards need to be set, alliances need to be built (such as among agencies and institutions in a community), and what is currently known about:

Pathophysiology, epidemiology, and social impact of asthma.

Genetic and environmental factors; protective factors and risk markers.

Effects in women, minorities, children, teens, and elders.

Medical management, self-management, and home monitoring.

Evidence-based interventions at the family, school, and community levels.

Screening guidelines, compliance issues, and more.</LI


Asthma: An Introduction.- Considerations Regarding the Epidemiology and Public Health Burden of Asthma.- Asthma: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis.- Genetic and Environmental Factors in Asthma.- Screening for Asthma.- Ecology and Asthma.- Managing Asthma.- Medical Management of Asthma.- Impact of Medication Delivery Method on Patient Adherence.- Asthma Self-Management.- Home Monitoring of Asthma: Symptoms and Peak Flow.- Computer-Based Applications in the Management of Asthma.- Asthma: A Social Ecological Perspective.- Asthma: A Lifespan Perspective.- Adolescents and Asthma.- Asthma and the Family.- Asthma in the Schools.- Women and Asthma.- Asthma in Minority Populations.- Asthma: Interventions in Community Settings.- Asthma and the Workplace.- The Cost of Asthma.- Asthma, Public Health, and Policy.


Andrew Harver is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Health and Human Services at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He serves as a member of the National Asthma Educator Certification Board. His research interests include home monitoring of asthma and asthma self-management.Harry Kotses is emeritus professor of psychology at Ohio University. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Asthma.  His research interests encompass aspects of asthma self-management


"Asthma, Health and Society is a unique and comprehensive view of asthma in society today...the concept of the "ecology" of asthma offers a significant leap forward. It reflects a more comprehensive understanding of the interaction between the patient and his or her family, community, and culture...(The volume) will be of significant interest to physicians who seek a better understanding of the larger picture and to other clinicians and policy makers."Katherine Gundling, MD, JAMA
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