Grounds for Knowledge: A Guide to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's Landscapes & Buildings

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Mai 2008



Grounds for Knowledge is an engaging and knowledgeable guide to CSH Laboratory's buildings both historic and new, and to the 150 species of trees that surround them. The superb color photography and detailed maps invite exploration of the newly designated Bungtown Botanical Garden. Buildings and landscapes of nearby Lab campuses in Woodbury, Lloyd Harbor, and Cold Spring Harbor are covered as well.


ILLUSTRATIONS AND MAPS FOREWORD - Vincent A. Simeone PREFACE - James D. Watson ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS INTRODUCTION PROLOGUE: A BRIEF GREEN HISTORY Before Bungtown, There Was a Harbor 1. BUNGTOWN ROAD ENTRANCE What the Laboratory Is Today: A Research University of DNA 2. LOWER BUNGTOWN ROAD Cold Spring Harbor's Earliest Laboratory Structures 3. CENTRAL BUNGTOWN ROAD The Good Works of LIBA: Homes and Laboratories 4. MIDDLE CAMPUS AT BUNGTOWN Emblematic Science: Understanding Cancer and the Brain 5. NORTH BUNGTOWN ROAD AND DE FOREST DRIVE Maintaining the Lab and Housing Its Staff - and Their Infants 6. BANBURY CONFERENCE CENTER IN LLOYD HARBOR The Laboratory's Think Tank 7. EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH ACROSS THE HARBOR Classrooms - and Living Rooms - For Tomorrow's Scientists 8. FURTHER AFIELD AT THE WOODBURY CENTER Translational Genome Research and Scientific Publishing EPILOGUE - THE HILLSIDE AND UPPER CAMPUSES En Route to the New Watson School Campus APPENDICES A. Checklist of CSHL Buildings B. Bird Checklist - Bungtown Botanical Garden C. Seasonal Interest - at Bungtown...and Beyond D. Timely Strolls - Bungtown Botanical Garden PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX TO BUILDINGS AND TREES ABOUT THE AUTHOR
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