Confucianism and Modern China

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"In these lectures I will endeavour to justify the faith that is in me and to explain the grounds on which I base my belief that Confucianism is still a living force among the Chinese people and has a message of great value for the China of the present and future and provide and answer to the question "What is Confucianism?

If we wish to form an adequate idea of Confucianism we must make an effort to look at it from within, and to approximate as closely as possible to the standpoint of those who are themselves among the loyal guardians of the great Confucian heritage."
-Reginald Fleming Johnston.

Johnston provides a unique insight in outlining the fourteen Confucian texts and describes the challenges that Confucianism was to face during the revolutionary times of the early 1900's.

While written almost one hundred years ago, this book provides the reader with valuable insight into a significant aspect of Chinese culture.
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