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August 2008



* A practical and accessible approach to psychiatry * Clinical cases allow students to experience the full range of psychiatric conditions they may encounter on the wards or be examined on in Finals * Assists students to gain firm understanding of the wide range of signs and symptoms that indicate psychiatric disorders, and how the diagnosis, and management and treatment options can differ from other medical specialties * Includes self-assessment to assist learning and revision


Introduction, 00.
How to use this book, 00.
Part 1 Basics, 00.
Approaches to the patient, 00.
Mental health treatments, 00.
Part 2 Cases, 00.
Case 1 A 20-year-old student collapses in the supermarket, 00.
Case 2 A 47-year-old woman who lives in fear that God will punish her, 00.
Case 3 An 18-year-old college drop-out gets an eviction order from his parents, 00.
Case 4 An 18-year-old trainee chef who cannot go to work, 00.
Case 5 Sudden deterioration of a 78-year-old woman in a nursing home, 00.
Case 6 A 72-year-old woman with antisocial behaviour, 00.
Case 7 A 64-year-old retired teacher's depression is getting worse, 00.
Case 8 A 17-year-old man has been cutting his arms, 00.
Case 9 A 9-year-old disruptive child faces expulsion from school, 00.
Case 10 A 48-year-old security guard with new symptoms every day, 00.
Case 11 A 28-year-old man has been arrested at the airport, 00.
Case 12 A 24-year-old new mother in distress, 00.
Case 13 A 15-year-old prefect with pneumonia is behaving secretly, 00.
Case 14 Insomnia in a 26-year-old successful City man, 00.
Case 15 A 15-year-old child assaults his foster mother, 00.
Case 16 A 42-year-old woman insists she is pregnant, 00.
Case 17 The wife of a 66-year-old GP with Parkinson's disease is worried about him, 00.
Case 18 Complete loss of memory in a fit middle-aged man, 00.
Case 19 A GP colleague is at his wit's end, 00.
Case 20 The critical medical student, 00.
Case 21 A 24-year-old legal secretary with depressed mood and suicidal thoughts, 00.
Case 22 A 41-year-old woman with epilepsy develops a different pattern of fits, 00.
Part 3 Self-assessment, 00.
MCQs, 00.
EMQs, 00.
SAQs, 00.
Answers, 00.
Index of cases by diagnosis, 00.
Index, 00


Peter Byrne, Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry, Department of Mental Health Sciences, University College London & Royal Free Medical School and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at NE London Mental Heath NHS Trust
Nicola Byrne,Consultant Psychiatrist, the Maudsley Hospital, London.


This book serves its purpose well. It is an ideal way to shift the learning process from rote memorization to a learner-centered process. The case-based discussions make psychiatric disorders come alive, placing students in the role of medical detective. ( Doody's Reviews )
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