Teaching Improv in Your Jazz Ensemble: A Complete Guide for Music Educators

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MENC: The National Association for Music Education


Part 1 Background Information Chapter 2 The Nature and Value of Improvisation Chapter 3 The Evolution of Jazz in Education Chapter 4 What is Successful Improvisation? Chapter 5 Limitations of Current Resources and Practices Chapter 6 Improvisational vs. Written Difficulty Part 7 Teaching Jazz Improvisation 8 Scales, Chords, Progressions, and Forms 9 Sequence of Instruction: An Aural Hierarchy 10 Integrating Improvisation Instruction with Performance Charts 11 Instructional Techniques and Activities Chapter 12 Suggested Standards and Assessments for Improvisation Chapter 13 Jazz Improvisation Resources Part 14 Catalog of Jazz Ensemble Charts Chapter 15 Using the Catalog Chapter 16 Catalog part 1: Alphabetical Index of Jazz Ensemble Charts Chapter 17 Catalog part 2: Index of Jazz Ensemble Charts by Difficulty Chapter 18 Catalog part 3: Lead Sheets for Jazz Ensemble Charts


Zachary B. Poulter is director of Bands at Syracuse Junior High School in Syracuse, Utah


This book focuses its attention on an area of consistent concern for Jazz Ensemble directors; its intriguing premise, pedagogical approach, and compilation of resource materials are sure to be of considerable value to a wide swath of music educators. -- Chuck Owen, president of IAJE, professor of Jazz Studies and director of the University of South Florida's new Center for Jazz Composition, A fabulous resource for all jazz educators! This text superbly articulates the history of jazz education and aural skills research. Plus, it beautifully coalesces this vital research to point out needed changes in music education and teacher training. Full of valuable resources for jazz educators, it gives them professional insight for selecting great music for their ensembles. I feel well informed having this book in my collection! -- Scott Wilson, president-elect, IAJE Utah Unit, Director of Jazz Studies, Snow College
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