Inspired Jewish Leadership: Practical Approaches to Building Strong Communities

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August 2008



Great Jewish community leadership helped Jews survive slavery, guided us to the Promised Land, gave us hope through exile and oppression, and gave birth to the State of Israel. Those who take on positions of leadership today know that, like Moses, Aaron and Miriam, they will have to make order out of potential chaos, forge a path for others to follow, and sustain a vision of the future in the face of skepticism. Drawing on the past and looking to the future, this practical and informative guide provides the framework for working through important contemporary community leadership issues. It takes a broad look at positions of leadership in the modern Jewish community and the qualities and skills an individual has or should develop in order to succeed in these positions. Real-life anecdotes, interviews, and dialogue stimulate thinking about leadership from a Jewish perspective, ethical leadership, conflict resolution, change management, and effective succession planning.

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