Feminist Cultural Studies of Science and Technology

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Challenges the assumption that science what scientists say. This book shows the dispersed makings of science and technology in everyday life and popular culture. It provides readers with an accessible introduction to its theories and methods.


1. I woke up one morning and discovered that I was doing feminist cultural studies of science and technology 2. Feminist cultural studies of science and technology: roots and routes Section 1: Making heroes 3. Newton as national hero 4. Making twentieth-century scientific heroes Section 2: Telling stories 5. New reproductive technologies: stories of dreams and broken promises 6. Telling tales of reproduction and technoscience Section 3: Witnessing spectacle 7. National and international spectacle: Gulf War I 8. Techno-triumphalism, techno-tourism, American dreams, and feminism 9. Conclusion


Maureen McNeil is Professor of Women's Studies and Cultural Studies in the Institute for Women's Studies at Lancaster University.


"This book provides a comprehensive examination of the emerging field of feminist cultural studies of science and technology...Each section stands on it's own, but as a whole this work is rich in both theory and example. Anyone interested in women in science, culture, and technology or the feminist viewpoint on science will find this a must read." -- L.S. Rigg, Northern Illinois University, Choice
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