Action Learning in Schools

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Teaching is becoming complex in the 21st Century, creating a need for sophisticated frameworks to support teachers' professional learning. Action learning is one such framework. This book clarifies what action learning is, linking key concepts to illustrate that it is a dynamic interaction between professional learning, leadership and change.


1. Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie (Introduction) 2. Positioning Action learning 3. Enabling action learning, Getting Started (with Stephen Dinham) 4. The Dynamics of Action Learning 5. Community 6. Facilitating Action learning: The Academic Partner's Role 7. Gathering and learning from evidence 8. Ethics 9. Sustaining professional learning through action learning 10. Epilogue: extending action learning


Peter Aubusson is Associate Professor in Education and Head of Teacher Education Programs at University of Technology, Sydney. Robyn Ewing is Professor of Teacher Education and the Arts and Acting Dean in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney Garry Hoban is Associate Professor of Science Education and Teacher Education at the University of Wollongong.


"Drawing on more than one hundred case studies of action learning by teams of teachers in schools, the authors provide advice and explain the proper relationship between adult learning and sustained pedagogy for student success .There is no question that teaching has become an extremely complicated profession, and with a revised framework such as action learning, teachers can feel successful and encourage feedback in order to better their pedagogy. If change in teacher behavior is desired, then support structures such as action learning need to be offered so that educators can grow and develop into the professionals they wish to become .Recommended."--CHOICE
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