Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside: Live Your Legacy Now

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September 2008



In this inspirational book, Gloria Burgess uses the touching story of her father's relationship with William Faulkner as a starting point to explore a classic topic: how to bring forth the character qualities of love, wisdom, trust, faith, gratitude, creative action, vision, and integrity. Burgess declares the sacred promises of legacy living as part of a transformational process that helps us connect to our past by honoring those who came before us, living with intention in the present, and freeing our talents so we can realize our potential. "Dare to Ware Your Soul on the Outside" also includes practical exercises for fostering greater authenticity and purpose in our lives.


Foreword. With Gratitude. Invocation. PART ONE: A CALL TO WHOLENESS. 1. The Foundation of Legacy Living: How It All Began. 2. Your Passion and Your Calling. PART TWO: THE SEVEN SACRED PROMISES. 3. What Are the Sacred Promises? 4. Gratitude-Blessings Received and Passed Along. 5. Faith-Devotion and Spiritual Renewal. 6. Love-Passion and Heart-Centered Action. 7. Vision-Seeing the Bigger Picture. 8. Integrity-Honoring Your Values and Wholeness. 9. Creative Action-Manifestation and Fulfillment. 10. Legacy-Service and Stewardship. PART THREE: I AM AN INSTRUMENT OF SOUL. 11. The Sacred Promises and Relationships. 12. The Sacred Promises at Work. 13. The Sacred Promises and World Work. 14. The Sacred Promises as a Sacred Life Path. 15. I Dared ... I'm Doing It. Works Cited. Resource List. Appreciations. About the Author. Index.


Dr. Gloria J. Burgess is an international speaker, innovative corporate consultant, and executive coach. She is the founder and principal of Jazz, Inc., a professional consulting and coaching firm for corporations and individuals.
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