Quantum Probability and Applications to the Quantum Theory of Irreversible Processes

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April 1984



Some trends and problems in quantum probability.- Scattering theory for quantum dynamical semigroups.- Quantum stochastic processes.- On dynamical semigroups and compact group actions.- Irreversibility and chaos in quantum systems.- Noncommutative integration and conditioning.- Stochastic representation of thermal functionals.- Statistical independence of local algebras.- On the problem of non configurational observables in stochastic mechanics.- Markovian limits of multi time correlation functions for open quantum systems.- On stationary markov dilations of quantum dynamical semigroups (some remarks inspired by the workshop).- A model of irreversible deterministic quantum dynamics.- Probability and quantum mechanics the conceptual foundations of stochastic mechanics.- Kolmogorovian statistical invariants for the aspect-rapisarda experiment.- Covariant measurements and imprimitivity systems.- Construction of quantum diffusions.- The analytic continuation of a osterwalder-schrader positive representation of the euclidean group to a representation of the poincare group.- Appendix: A connection between quantum systems and stochastic processes.- Extensions of gleason theorem.- Examples of markov dilations over the 2×2 matrices.- Hamiltonian models of classical and quantum stochastic processes.- Quantum entropy and irreversibility.- Quantum ergodic theorems.- The quantum measurement process and the observation of continuous trajectories.- Generalized transition probabilities and applications.- Some remarks on quantum logics and ordered vector spaces.- A hierarchy of mixing properties for non-commutative K-systems.- Type and normality properties of some infrared representations.- Quantum theory of continuous measurements.- On the implementability of certain positive maps.- Energy versus entropy balance arguments in classical lattice systems.- Ito solution of the linear quantum stochastic differential equation describing light emission and absorption.
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