Seminar on Deformations

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Dezember 1985



Numerically effective bundles on MoiSezon and strongly pseudoconvex manifolds.
Remarques sur les idéaux de polynômes.
Connections on foliated manifolds.
A Contribution to Keller's jacobian conjecture.
Constructions d'algèbres de Lie graduées orthosymplectiques et conformosymplectiques minkowskiennes.
Constante de Planck et géométrie symplectique.
Almost pluriharmonic functions and symplectic mappings on generalized Kähler manifolds.
On Oka's analytic set-valued functions and spectral theory.
Sur l'équation de Dirac avec champ électromagnétique quelconque.
Régularisation sur une variété.
Hurwitz pairs equipped with complex structures.
An open problem on boundary behaviour of holomorphic mappings.
The regularity of the weighted Bergman projections.
Transcendental Bézout estimate by the logarithmic function in ?n.
Das Spektrum torsionsfreier Garben II.
Quasi-regular boundary and Stokes' formula for a sub-analytic leaf.
On the continuity of the minima of variational integrals in orlicz-sobolev spaces.
Geometries of the projective matrix space.
Ten open problems connected with Hermitian and Kähler manifolds.
Some open problems on holomorphic functions of one variable.
A strengthened contour-and-solid property for lipschitz functions and extension of the derivative to the boundary.
Two open problems connected with capacities.
Extension of CR-functions.
One parameter family of operators on a Riemannian manifold.
Holomorphic extensions of functions on submanifolds: A generalization of H, lewy's example.
A remark on the convergence of series occuring in the construction of ?-functions on a toroidal group.
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