Geometry and Topology

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Dezember 1985



Lower postnikov terms of generalized CW complexes and semi-simple actions.
3-fold branched coverings and the mapping class group of a surface.
Locally flat embeddings of three dimensional manifolds in four dimensional manifolds.
Differential characters and geometric invariants.
Minimal branched immersions into three-manifolds.
Representations of fundamental groups of surfaces.
Comparison theorems for volumes in surfaces.
The isometry-invariant geodesics problem: Closed and open.
Attractors for discrete-time monotone dynamical systems in strongly ordered spaces.
Presentation classes, 3-manifolds and free products.
Proper actions on homogeneous spaces.
Deformation spaces for seifert manifolds.
Abelian invariants of satellite knots.
An introduction to compactifying spaces of hyperbolic structures by actions on trees.
A note on an invariant of fintushel and stern.
Handlebodies and 2-complexes.
Extrema associated with homotopy classes of maps.
Geometries and geometric structures in real dimension 4 and complex dimension 2.
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