Infinite-Dimensional Systems

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August 1984



Generators of positive semigroups.- Wiener's theorem and semigroups of operators.- A class of nonlinear diffusion problems.- On abstract Volterra equations in Banach spaces with completely positive kernels.- Stability of non-autonomous delay differential equations by Liapunov functionals.- Abstract differential equations and extrapolation spaces.- Wave propagation for abstract integrodifferential equations.- Retarded abstract equations in Hilbert spaces.- A variation of parameters formula for burgers system.- A typical Perron-Frobenius theorem with applications to an age-dependent population equation.- On positive solutions of semilinear periodic-parabolic problems.- A simplified approach to the existence and stability problem of a functional evolution equation in a general Banach space.- Approximations of analytic and differentiable semigroups - Rate of convergence with nonsmooth initial conditions.- Asymptotic estimates for resolvents of some integral equations.- The rate of convergence in singular perturbations of parabolic equations.- Some problems on non-linear semigroups and the blow-up of integral solutions.- The linear quadratic optimal control problem for infinite dimensional systems with unbounded input and output operators.- On the differentiability of nonlinear semigroups.- Semigroups generated by a convolution equation.- A?-bounded, finite rank perturbations of s.c. group generators A: Counterexamples to generation and to another condition for well-posedness.- A semigroup proof of the Sharpe-Lotka theorem.- Integrable resolvent operators for integrodifferential equations in Hilbert space.
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Untertitel: Proceedings of the Conference on Operator Semigroups and Applications held in Retzhof (Styria), Austria, June 5-11, 1983. 'Lecture Notes in Mathematics'. 1984. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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