Arthurian Poets: Matthew Arnold and William Morris

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The great vogue in Victorian times for matters Arthurian owes much to the poetry of Matthew Arnold and William Morris. Unlike Tennyson, however, neither of these poets is now remembered primarily for his Arthurian poems; as a result there is no modern anthology devoted to this area of their output. This is a major gap which the present volume seeks to rectify. Arnold's Tristram and Iseultis the first modern English retelling of the Tristram legend, a melancholy interpretation of the theme, reflecting the poet's pessimism about his own age; Morris's different approach -- the rich sensuality of his The Defence of Guenevere and other poems --clearly reveals the allure that the middle ages held for the pre-Raphaelites.


Part 1 Matthew Arnold: "Tristram and Iseult". Part 2 William Morris: "The Defence of Guenevere"; "King Arthur's Tomb"; "Sir Galahad, a Christmas Mystery"; "The Chapel in Lyoness".
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