Sliver: A Sliver of Many Topics a Decade of Free Verse Poetry and Prose (1998-2008)

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April 2008



In this collection of free verse poetry and prose, Seth Pesek shows us that a good poet is made from a creative memory, a keen sense of history, and a passion to research the ordinary. In "Sliver," Seth Pesek paints a vivid picture for the reader on such slivers of life as love, war, America, seasonal changes, Virginia Tech, and many more. In his poem, "First Dream," he shows us how quickly tears can be erased when a young child is awestruck by the vision of a picturesque display: Drying those baby tears with the fascination of summer lightning bugs; dancing, diving, then disappearing into the night sky and trees beyond like fallen stars that slipped from Little Dipper's casting net.

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