Blueprints for Advent and Christmas: Dynamic Sketches, Scenes, and Scripts for the Season

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Juni 2008



Using the timeless scene of the Bethlehem stable as a visual backdrop, Blueprints for Advent and Christmas provides dynamic resources for creating a memorable and inspiring worship experience that will be remembered for years to come. There are detailed instructions for replicating the nativity setting, including blueprints showing exact specifications for constructing scenery -- enabling parish craftsmen and artists to use their gifts for a unique public witness. The scene is completed with a live tableau of actors. In addition to the stable backdrop, Blueprints for Advent and Christmas offers a smorgasbord of scenes, activities, and tools that promise to engage the visual and dramatic imaginations of youth and adults. One set of resources, titled Advent Songs for the Season, is comprised of Advent sketches and homilies that promise to attract and inspire worshipers. Sets of Advent mini-dramas designed for use with lectionary cycles A and B are also included.

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