William Barton Rogers and the Idea of MIT

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Dezember 2008



Conceptual founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, William Barton Rogers was a highly influential scientific mind and educational reformer of the nineteenth century. A. J. Angulo recounts the largely unknown story of one man's ideas and how they gave way to the creation of one of America's premier institutions of higher learning. MIT's long tradition of teaching, research, and technological innovation for real-world applications is inexorably linked to Rogers' educational philosophy. Emphasizing the "useful arts"--a curriculum of specialized scientific study stressing theory and practice, innovation and functionality--Rogers sought to revolutionize standard educational practices of the day. Controversial in an era typified by a generalist approach to teaching the sciences, Rogers' model is now widely emulated by institutions throughout the world. Exploring the intersection of Rogers' educational philosophy and the rise of technical institutes in America, this biography offers a long-overdue account of the man behind MIT.


A. J. Angulo is an assistant professor of social foundations at Winthrop University.


Nicely written, well researched. Choice 2009 MIT's founder, William Barton Rogers, has long needed a scholarly biography. Now, thanks to A.J. Angulo, we have a very good one. New England Quarterly 2009 The research is impressive, and historians of technology will benefit from Angulo's work. -- Bruce Sinclair Technology and Culture A.J. Angulo has provided a compelling biography of William Barton Rogers. -- Sean Patrick Adams Virginia Magazine 2010 Will be of particular interest to historians of education and historians of science and technology... This is a fine history of Rogers's scientific and educational ideals and illuminates a fascinating origin story of MIT in the landscape of early-nineteenth-century Virginia. -- Jamie Pietruska Review of Higher Education 2010 This book is fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of science and technology, in the history of higher education and, or course, in MIT itself, and is highly recommended. IEEE History Center Newsletter 2011
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