The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing

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Demonstrates the deep, dynamic relationship between the art of boxing and the world of art and literature.


List of Illustrations; Foreword; Acknowledgments; IntroductionPart 1. Framing Violence: Aesthetics of the Ring1. The Evolution of Boxing as Regulated Action and Spectacle; 2. Boxing Apparel and the Legible Body; 3. The Ring and the RopesPart 2. The Art of Boxing4. The Ring as Theatre of Modernist Action; 5. Visual Tensions: The Ropes; 6. Mythical Confrontations: The Ring as Canvas and as Text; 7. Visual Metonymies: The Fist and the GlovePart 3. Writing Boxing8. The Poetry of Boxing; 9. Boxing and Modern MasculinityConclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index


A middleweight amateur boxer, David Scott is a professor of French (textual and visual studies) at Trinity College in Dublin. He is the author of several books on semiotics, including "Semiologies of Travel from Gautier to Baudrillard," "European Stamp Design: A Semiotic Approach," and "Pictorialist Poetics: Poetry and the Visual Arts in Nineteenth-Century France." Roger L. Conover is a writer, curator, and the executive editor of the MIT Press, where he publishes books on art, architecture, and cultural studies. He also is the former boxing commissioner for the state of Maine.


"In The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing, David Scott addresses the daunting task of establishing a groundwork for the aesthetics of boxing--and succeeds with consummate authority... In Scott's incisive blend of art history, sociology, and sports writing, he makes a daring and original statement about fighters and the artists who enshrined them." Robert Anasi, author of The Gloves "In David Scott's hands, boxing becomes a kaleidoscope of psychological, sociological, ethnological, and aesthetic symptoms and indices, which transform the infliction of minor injury into a crucial cultural investment... If boxing then has seemed for so long to encapsulate the neuroses and satisfactions of alpha-maledom, it is only because we have missed all the nuances and subtextual activity that this book makes available to us with such shrewd and penetrating analysis." Clive Scott, professor of American literature at the University of East Anglia, member of the British Academy, and boxing enthusiast "It focuses on the 20th century when the emergence of boxing in its modern form coincided with a lot of interest in the sport by artists." Caroline Walsh, The Irish Times (EIRE), 6TH September 2008
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