Pioneer Cemeteries: Sculpture Gardens of the Old West

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November 2008



Shows how people from Asia, Europe, and the Americas contributed to the visual character of the mountain cemeteries, and how the sepulchral garden functioned as an open-air gallery of public sculpture, at once a site for relaxation, learning, and social ritual.


Annette Stott is the director of the School of Art and Art History and a professor of art history at the University of Denver. She is the author of "Holland Mania: The Unknown Dutch Period in American Art and Culture."


"I have never visited any of the cemeteries surveyed in Annette Stott's comprehensive new work, "Pioneer Cemeteries: Sculpture Gardens of the Old West", but reading her book is the next best thing to visiting them. The author takes the reader on a vivid, personal tour through dozens of overgrown, long-forgotten burial places in the Rocky Mountain area, as well as the surviving cemeteries that are still active today."--Marta Christensen Dawes, "Nebraska History"--Marta Christensen Dawes "Nebraska History "
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