Why She Plays: The World of Women's Basketball

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Why does she play basketball? Since the enactment of Title IX in 1972, that question has come to be asked of more girls and women - and answered in more ways - than ever before. The auhor, herself an avid player and an assistant coach, pursues an answer through the ranks of the sport from youth basketball to the WNBA.


Foreword; Acknowledgments; Introduction Part 1. Youth Basketball 1. Heck Yeah, I'm a Tomboy; 2. The Fun Factor Part 2. High School Basketball 3. You Can't Measure Heart; 4. The Creme of the Crop Part 3. College Basketball 5. Three Divisions, One Association; 6. Conradt and Goestenkors: Greater than the Sum of Their Wins; 7. The Approach of a Coach; 8. A Dance Is Still a Dance Part 4. The WNBA 9. Over Ten Years and Going Strong: The WNBA; 10. The Superstars and the "Special" Treatment Part 5. USA Basketball 11. U.S. Versus the Rest of the World; 12. The Best in the World Part 6. Media Coverage and Women's Basketball 13. The Slippery Slope of Gender Politics; 14. Unique but Alike; 15. Her Place of Peace Epilogue: Building the Perfect Player; Appendix A: High School Participation by State; Appendix B: The Structure of USA Basketball; Notes; Suggested Readings


Christine A. Baker is a writer for the Web site "Full Court Press." She is also an assistant varsity coach, copywriter, and graphic designer. Becky Hammon, one of the most recognizable players in the WNBA today, is a WNBA All-Star and player with the San Antonio Silver Stars.


"Christine Baker combines two rare traits: a true passion for the game of basketball, tattooed into her soul at an early age; and the ability to describe that passion with the gritty feel of the ball on a sweaty palm and the confident assurance of a born writer." Clay Kallam, publisher of Full Court Press and managing editor of Women's Basketball
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