Armorbearer Training Series: In the Spirit of Armorbearing (Revised and Expanded Edition)

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April 2008



Have you thought of yourself as a gift of support to the Body of Christ, specifically God's leaders? Begin to realize your support means that much in God's plans. Through biblical examples, insights from the author, and inspiring quotes from worldwide thinkers, In the Spirit of Armorbearing offers clear evidence that God's Old Testament design for his leaders and supporters is still active today in the Church through the Helps ministry. In this book you will discover how to: . Develop the character of Christ that will strengthen your ability to carry the anointing.
. Build loyalty in ministry that will pass life's test.
. Follow in the footsteps of music minister Carmen who links his ministry's success to serving in his local church first.
. Gain a reputation in your ministry of service that will qualify you for greater service in God.
. Grow the success that follows those who walk in God's flow of authority.
. Be God's assistant, intercessor, and helper in the battle of faith by helping His leaders.
. Allow God to use your ordinary service tasks to accomplish the extraordinary in your life. All of these principles and more are explained in the book "In the Spirit of Armorbearing." It presents understandable instructions on how to be God's armorbearer to his leaders. Experience today the joy of serving your leaders in the spirit of armorbearing.

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