ECGs for Nurses

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ECGs for Nurses provides everything the nurse needs to know about the electrocardiogram. Accessible yet comprehensive, and packed with case studies, this portable guide enables nurses to become skilled practitioners in an area often seen as highly complex.


Foreword vii. Chapter 1 The conduction system in the heart. Chapter 2 Principles of ECG monitoring. Chapter 3 ECG interpretation of cardiac arrhythmias. Chapter 4 Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the SA node. Chapter 5 Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the atria. Chapter 6 Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the AV junction. Chapter 7 Cardiac arrhythmias originating in the ventricles. Chapter 8 Cardiac arrhythmias with atrioventricular block. Chapter 9 Cardiac arrhythmias associated with cardiac arrest. Chapter 10 Recording a 12 lead ECG. Chapter 11 Interpreting a 12 lead ECG. Chapter 12 Management of peri-arrest arrhythmias. Chapter 13 Record keeping. Appendix. Index.


Phil Jevon is Resuscitation Officer/Clinical Skills Lead at Manor Hospital, Walsal. He is also Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Birmingham Medical School and Editor of the British Journal of Resuscitation.


"I thoroughly recommend this text to all who work within an acute care area, or indeed any nurse with an interest in developing their ECG interpretation skills."--British Journal of Resuscitation "Easy to read, succinct review of the cardiac conduction system...(a) useful tool for any health professional new to a monitored environment, and would provide the essential baseline knowledge required for such staff."--British Journal of Perioperative Nursing
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