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Conspiracy theories, pending Ice Ages, potential revolutions, viral epidemics, and other doomsday prophecies: Wherever you look the message seems universal: the Earth our children inherit will certainly be nothing like the one we currently inhabit. "Forecast" revisualizes these abstractions about everything from our environment to our waistlines, from the stock market to the Middle East through the eyes of cartoonists and graphic designers who have made comics with a conscience: Ward Sutton imagines a nation divided into a red and a blue zone; Paula Scher maps out the Northern Hemisphere of 2100; Elizabeth Amon interviews New Yorker journalist Elizabeth Kolbert on global warming; and Tom Tomorrow looks back on the legacy of Bush-Cheney.

Ultimately, "Forecast" is an optimistic book: using humor, it encourages all of us to take responsibility for predictions of the future and to take action to affect change.

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