25 Albums That Rocked the World!

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From Elvis Presley's Sun Sessions to Radiohead's OK Computer, here is the very best of rock and pop music of the Twentieth Century. A consumer's critical guide to the music, enabling the reader to select the very best of an artist's repertoire before making a buying decision.


Chris Charlesworth is the Editor-in-Chief of Omnibus Press, and a former News Editor and US Editor of Melody Maker. He has contributed to numerous magazines in the US and UK and written books on The Who, Pete Townshend, Deep Purple, Cat Stevens, Slade and David Bowie. In 1995, at Townshend's request, he compiled and co-produced The Who's 4-CD boxed set 30 Years of Maximum R&B and was subsequently involved in the wholesale upgrade of The Who's back catalogue for remastered CDs. He lives in Surrey.
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