European Migration Policies in Flux: Changing Patterns of Inclusion and Exclusion

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November 2003



* Timely book examining the nature and impact of the changing migration policies in Germany, Italy and the UK. * Analyses the content of new legislation, as well as the policy debate and party political treatment of migration issues in each country.


Introduction. 1. The Evolution of Postwar European Migration Policies. 2. New Policies on Labour Migration. 3. Asylum--seekers and Illegal Immigrants. 4. Labour Migration, Integration and Diversity. 5. The International Context. 6. Conclusion.


Dr. Christina Boswell is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), and Senior Researcher at the Migration Research Group, Hamburg Insitute for International Economics. She previously worked as a policy research consultant for the UN Refugee Agency. Her research focuses on European migration and refugee policy.


"Christina Boswella s short overview of recent Western European migration policies is sober, crisp, businesslike, and useful" "This is indeed an important and useful book...Boswell helps us to get a good grip on the issues involved." Australian Journal of Political Science "This outstanding book cuts in a lucid and accessible way to the core of the key migration policy dilemmas facing Europe. It will be an indispensable guide for anyone with an interest in these important questions." Andrew Geddes, Jean Monnet Reader in EU Government and Politics, University of Liverpool "Provides an important insight into ! one of the highly contested policy fields in Europe, focusing on what lessons can be learned ! and what pitfalls policy--makers need to avoid. It should be on the desk of every immigration or interior ministry official in Europe who is struggling with the national and European debate." Elspeth Guild, Professor of European Immigration Law, University of Nijmegen, Partner, Kingsley Napley "Makes an invaluable contribution to one of the most high--profile issues in Europe today." Simon Green, University of Birmingham "Overall this is a book that provides a good comparative analysis of three countries in the EU. It brings together a wealth of material and will be an invaluable reference for students of migration." Journal of Population Research
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