The Changing Role of Schools in Asian Societies: Schools for the Knowledge Society

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As Asia faces the challenges posed by the 'knowledge economy', its schools take on a different importance. This book outlines the policy contexts in which these transformations are taking place and the practical strategies that are needed.


1. Introduction - Schools for the 'Asian Education Century': Priorities and challenges Section 1: Cultures and Contexts Influencing Schools in Asia 2. Schools for the 'NET' generation in a diverse Asia 3. Schools and the Economy: A human capital perspective 4. Policy Contexts for Life-long Learning 5. Global Imperatives and Local Values: negotiating change in traditional societies 6. Creating Citizens for Globalized states: Traditional values for new times 7. Examination and Assessment Cultures Section 2 Strategies for Change in Asia's Schools 8. Curriculum Reform: School Based Curriculum Development as a Strategy for Asia's Schools 9. Teaching and Learning: Interaction Between East and West 10. Leadership for School Development 11. Teacher Development: Issues and Challenges 12. Evaluation for Educational Improvement 13. Partnerships for School Development 14. Conclusion - Schools for an 'Education Century' in a Divided Asia


Kerry Kennedy is Professor and Dean in the Faculty of Professional and Early Childhood Studies at The Hong Kong Institute of Education. John Chi-kin Lee is Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also Dean of the Faculty of Education and Director of the Centre for University and School Partnership.
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