Neptune's Ark

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August 2015



Neptune's Ark illuminates the dramatic saga of evolution spanning 500 million years of marine life along the magnificent Pacific coast of western North America. In an engaging narrative that artfully blends elements of science, history, folklore, and personal observation, renowned naturalist David Rains Wallace reveals a marvelous diversity of creatures, not only modern ones, but those from the far prehistoric past. Mysterious forms have abounded-from giant sea cows, oyster bears, and flightless toothed birds to the orcas, elephant seals, and sea otters of modern times.


List of Illustrations Acknowledgments Prologue. Steller's Sea Ape 1 / Reefs in the Desert 2 / Amphibious Ambiguities 3 / Bird Teeth and Reptile Necks 4 / Tail Tales 5 / Cope's Elusive Ophidians 6 / Hooves into Flippers 7 / Marsh's Deceptive Desmostylians 8 / Emlong's Whale 9 / Paws into Flippers 10 / Sea Cows and Oyster Bears 11 / The Long, Warm Summer 12 / Emptying Bays 13 / Punctuated Pinnipeds and Darwinian Sirenians 14 / Advent of Autumn 15 / Ice Age Invasions 16 / Hands into Paddles 17 / Pileated Woodpecker's Boat 18 / The End of the Earth 19 / An Industrial Interlude 20 / Intimations of Communication Epilogue. The Old Man of the Sea Notes Bibliography Index


David Rains Wallace is the author of sixteen books, including Beasts of Eden: Walking Whales, Dawn Horses, and Other Enigmas of Mammal Evolution (UC Press), A New York Times Notable Book; The Klamath Knot: Explorations of Myth and Evolution (Twentieth Anniversary Edition, UC Press), winner of the John Burroughs Medal; The Bonehunter's Revenge: Dinosaurs, Greed, and the Greatest Scientific Feud of the Gilded Age; and The Monkey's Bridge: Mysteries of Evolution in Central America, A New York Times Notable Book.


"Wallace's easy-going style, mixing personal adventures with textbook science, makes paleontology as readable as narrative history."--The California Territorial Quarterly "A fascinating narrative of adventures from the pioneer naturalists to modern scientists."--Mammalia
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Untertitel: From Ichthyosaurs to Orcas. 25 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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